Extreme Holiday Reading

One of our readers has taken her book on her travels this Easter holiday. She found herself in some Extreme Reading situations :

  • close to sinking , ooozy mud,
  • on a WW2 pill box,
  • in the marshes,
  • from dizzy heights,
  • at the top of Swallow Point,
  • with the tide coming in !!!!!!
  • nearly blown away,
  • captured by Pirates !!

She is safely back at home now, enjoying her book at bedtime .

Here she is Extreme Reading – well done!

IMG_5187 IMG_5206 IMG_5218 IMG_5221 IMG_5162 IMG_5174 edited IMG_5203 edited IMG_5171 edited

Locks and Railways

In the Easter holidays, one if our readers had the opportunity to work a lock in Birmingham.  He is sat on the open lock gate and the canal boat is being driven in the lock behind him.

The second photo he is seen exploring a disused railway line which is near the canal, also in Birmingham. What exciting adventures and perfect for taking a book to read!

IMG-20170412-WA0004 IMG-20170412-WA0003

Westwood Teachers!

Here is a photo of some of our teachers together to get our blog started. They each chose their own book and adopted a less than usual pose to read! Can you read your book in an even more extreme place or way? Send your photo to us with the title of the book and where you are!

staff extreme reading